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The Robert W. Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

   Performance -- updated 2021

We have since 2011 given scholarships to Norton High School graduates who are looking to use their experience in speech and drama activities at Norton High School in their future endeavors. 


Bob Yavorsky, a very dedicated member of Wolf Creek Players, appeared in all but the last school performance of “Cinderella.” He was feeling ill, and could not do the afternoon show. Sadly, he passed away the evening before our Saturday performance for the community. The cast and crew of children and adults experienced more about life than they signed up for. However, both young and old came together with strength and resolve to perform in honor of Bob….and the show went on. From that moment forward, we knew we would refer to the scholarship as the Wolf Creek Players/Robert W. Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship Award. Each year Wolf Creek Players has awarded multiple scholarships to students who wish to pursue a career in performing arts.  

The Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship--

   Backstage, Technical, House -- inception 2021

We are dedicating a new scholarship in the memory of another member of the Wolf Creek Players family that was so vital to our group.  Bill Rose did EVERYTHING that was needed behind the scenes.  No matter what we asked of him, what prop could he make, an extra hand in building the sets, all with a smile that lit up the room with laughter and support. He was a calming force among the chaos.  And yes, we did manage to get him to make a cameo appearance on stage from time to time. Bill left this earth in September 2020 from cancer, but he is with us in our hearts forever. This scholarship has been created for those, like Bill, who bring magic to each show, covering all the bases behind the scenes

Our Recipients


Vailyn Bishop -- Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship

Saige Wilson -- Bill  Rose Memorial Scholarship

Saige Wilson -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

Eric Frantz -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

Brooklynn Speck -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship


Madison Gardner -- Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship

Phoenix Walker -- Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship

Maya Carpenter -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship 

Korren Cullom --  Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship


Chloe Bird -- Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship

Jason Harville -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

Leah Bridger -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

Aubreigh Myers -- Bob Yavorsky Scholarship


Ariel Davenport -- Bill Rose Memorial Scholarship

Elyssa Federspiel -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship

Karlie Koontz -- Bob Yavorsky Memorial Scholarship


Sylvia Downey

Caleb Carson


Kennedy Brown

Dustin Mostoller

Kristina Nemes

Jillian Pletcher

Reece  Swarm


McCartney Betz

Sydni Bilinovich

Hannah Hitchings

Rose Morrison


Sarah Longfellow

Claire Wilson


Bradon Lewis

Noah Mullenix

Jenna Pletcher

Jake Sykes

Steven Planitzer

Sarah Rose

Kerstin Vaughn

John F. Wroblewski III


Laura Simons

Sarah Upton
Adam Walker
Sarah White

Jordan Feliciano

Megan Stults
Hannah Trew
Devyn Vence

Bradley Haramis
Noelle Pritchard
Anna Shorter

Cori Gleason
Sheem Kendall
Stacey Pasternak


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